Digitizing enables growing businesses to serve their clients better and improve their standing.

Businesses need to make instantaneous decisions for the benefit of their company. They need to hold up the processes. With operational integrity to ensure optimum efficiency, collaboration, custom software solutions can enable better communication. Also, research suggests that for an enterprise to perform well, it needs to have a strategy to handle big data.

How can businesses enter the digital transformation age?

In today’s business ecosystem, which is constantly evolving, good communication is central to reliable data reporting and analytics.

Data and analytics have become the mainstay for businesses to make well-informed business decisions. …

How can businesses leverage data to improve the customer experience?

Companies continue to be data-rich and information-poor. Robert wrote this Waterman in his book In Search of Excellence. He pointed out thirty-five years ago that companies churn large bundles of data without any insight. Lack of reporting and analytics to derive insights from valuable data creates incongruence between products and consumers. This struggle translates to hit-and-miss business strategies, lukewarm conversion rates, a case of unhappy customers, and unsuccessful products.

Therefore, businesses need to tailor the digital experience to the customer needs with bold marketing strategies and realize their digital transformation requirements more accurately. They also need to set a vision…

How does fleet tracking improve visibility into fleet processes? How does fleet management software help decision-making?

Tremendous volumes of big data produced from an enormous fleet of vehicles make fleet management challenging. Any business that employs vehicles in its day-by-day tasks needs assistance. For example, fleet management software controls the fleet management process for many business vehicles. More insights enable proficiency in fleets and upgrade the operational efficacy with reliable decisions (How is my fleet performing? What carrier should I dispatch for this delivery? How can I improve fleet management?) These questions are a crucial aspect of becoming a better fleet manager.

What is a Fleet Tracking System?

It is a part of a fleet management system that uses GPS tracking to…

Here’s how consumer expectations will shape the insurance industry in 2021.

In a year, a lot has changed in the insurance industry. And as 2021 stands, the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has radically shifted consumer expectations and compelled companies to virtualize their insurer operations to drive operational efficiency.

Now consumers are changing the way they view, buy, and assess insurance. But, while most industry leaders in insurance adapted to this change quickly, some companies faced many fundamental issues while generating profits this year.

A global survey by Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services found that insurers have to put in extra work, despite adapting to the impact of the Coronavirus…

What to consider when deploying SAP S/4HANA for the cloud?

An ERP solution helps streamline all kinds of businesses ranging from small to large. The goal of an ERP solution is to integrate all their business processes. This benefit enables viewing of those operations from a single dashboard.

SAP SE is a German multinational software corporation that develops enterprise software to manage business operations such as finance, HR, supply chain management.

In this article, we will discuss the implications of an SAP S/4HANA implementation on your business. And, also, why is it easier to migrate your hardware and applications to S/4HANA? …

The ERP market is vast and predicted to grow at 8% through the years 2021–26. And many trends have come up as a result of the pandemic as well.

There is no denying the unpredictability of last year as our expectations from the New Year were high because the technological innovations were at a peak. With the market continuously growing through 2018–2019, the ERP software market statistics augured well.

A forecast by Gartner before the COVID-19 pandemic projected the ERP market will be worth $44 billion by 2022. By the end of 2020, the ERP market had reached a value of $37.8 billion.

Despite, the unpredictability and numerous technological breakthroughs during COVID-19, one thing is for certain. Some important insights have been revealed for the year 2021. …

There are many other industry trends, but we will focus on the role that remote fleet management and electric-vehicles have in 2021. Read more in this article.

In 2020, our perception of the fleet industry changed entirely. It was a year when fleet managers learned to adapt to a remote working environment. Fleet managers understood the importance of catching up with industry trends, allowing them to overcome future roadblocks.

With all the building blocks for 2021 almost in place, two things pop up in discussions: how to go electric and fleet management software.

Going Electric To Reduce Carbon Emissions

To embrace a sustainable future, fleet managers need to make concerted efforts to include electric vehicles in their fleets. Statistics show that by 2030, the US market for charging electric vehicle fleets will value…

The effective usage of fleet management software can help utilize time and money optimally. But, how does this software empower the roles of fleet managers in a time when businesses are currently dealing with large amounts of data?

With considerable volumes of data generated from a large fleet of vehicles, any business that incorporates vehicles into its daily operations needs help. For instance, fleet management software controls the end-to-end processes of managing many commercial vehicles. Better insights into data allow better, efficient fleets with enhanced productivity.

Your business might surely be losing revenue due to operational inefficiencies and if that is the case, then investing in fleet management software might be in your best interest. Furthermore, this article talks about how fleet management software supports the functions of fleet managers.

The Purpose Of Fleet Management Software

Strict adherence to deadlines is not possible when…

At times, people in charge of supplying goods to various destinations resort to weighbridge cheating. We have listed five weighbridge malpractices common in the industry.

The weighing of transported goods and raw materials is a crucial step for any business. If they do not invest in weighbridge software, they risk corruption breaching their operations. However, the remedy for these issues is much simpler.

In this article, we will discuss numerous scenarios that people exploit to engage in weighbridge malpractices, and we will discuss weighbridge software as a solution.

The Common Methods of Weighbridge Cheating

Criminals use a variety of methods to commit fraud on the truck scale. And the methods used are predictable. Here are some of these methods:

Improper-Positioning: if a truck, improperly positioned, has been put on the weighbridge…

Why is high performance in claims management essential for an insurance agency’s reputation? How is better efficiency, consistency in servicing clients correlated with improved claims management? Read to find out.

Due to the pandemic, the insurance industry faced a constant struggle. The year 2020 also pointed out many vulnerabilities in the industry. Also, there was an increasing need to simplify claims process. This situation outlined a obstinate industry challenge, i.e., improving productivity in claims servicing while reducing costs.

If your company is going through significant challenges of claims leakage, then read this article further.

The burden of a digital transformation age on insurance

There is an overbearing responsibility on the insurance industry to enter the digital transformation age. Hence, insurers can no longer thrive in the current evolving marketplace by remaining dependent on outdated claims management methods.

What daily challenges do claims professionals face?

In the…

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