2021's Fleet Industry Trends for a Sustainable Future

There are many other industry trends, but we will focus on the role that remote fleet management and electric-vehicles have in 2021. Read more in this article.

In 2020, our perception of the fleet industry changed entirely. It was a year when fleet managers learned to adapt to a remote working environment. Fleet managers understood the importance of catching up with industry trends, allowing them to overcome future roadblocks.

With all the building blocks for 2021 almost in place, two things pop up in discussions: how to go electric and.

Going Electric To Reduce Carbon Emissions

To embrace a sustainable future, fleet managers need to in their fleets. Statistics show that by 2030, the US market for charging electric vehicle fleets will value around $15 billion per year. The growing market of fleet charging is one of the reasons why one should invest in going electric.

But, one should account for the superior efficiency, moderate price of electricity. These advantages result in a lower ownership cost (.) What’s more, it is easier to purchase electric vehicles in the US because of the falling prices and their widening availability.

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Electric vehicles have become a more affordable alternative. Also, everyone is investing in electric vehicle fleets in the industry. Hence, it has become inevitable. Companies are also positioning themselves in the global market to serve electric vehicle fleets better, and there will be more charging ports. Electric vehicles are the future.

Remote Fleet Management To Adapt To COVID-19

During COVID-19, almost everyone got asked to operate from indoors. This step was essential for flattening the curve. Nonetheless, it was a challenge for fleet managers to work from home. They had become used to having their team members dispersed.

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As the pandemic slowly fades, the reliance on a remote work environment will continue to increase still. The most effective way to remotely manage your fleet is through. With this software, teams can stay connected with their daily operations as well as . They are also able to stay connected with each other.


Managing tasks and improving productivity does not have to be challenging. Investing in can simplify the communication between teams using a smartphone or any other device. Also, going the clean energy route is a method to give back more to the planet, and it opens numerous possibilities for fleet managers to reduce fleet ownership and maintenance costs. to stay up-to-speed with latest industry trends.



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