3 Ways Automated Weighbridge Lead to Cost Saving

Weighing of the raw material at any factory is one of the most crucial operations because it can lead to making or breaking of the revenue at the end of the fiscal year.

When there are no checks and the process relies on manual several losses are seen. But with by Amity, you rise above a number of such challenges.

Issues Addressed by Our Weighbridge

There a number of challenges that our weighbridge software and hardware can solve. But here are the top 3 ones that lead to cost-saving and higher revenue at the end of the financial year.

1. No probability of error

Without weighbridge software, the system relies on the entries made by the weighbridge supervisor. Being human has its disadvantages that can add up $ in the negative side of the balance. Entering the wrong data, not verifying the weight, and others are common errors that are eliminated by our system.

2. Cannot be altered

The executes all the operations and commands automatically. Once the system starts, it cannot be stopped or altered to gain favourable output. Everything takes care of itself and the need for an operator is no longer there. To gain an unfair advantage, one has to upload the changes in the source code of the software.

3. Verification of all driver-partners

All the trucks that are partners of the mill/factory are provided with a smart card. The RFID weighbridge reader verifies the smart card chip and then authorises the driver-partner to proceed further. Without verification, the boom barrier will not open.

Savings In, Worries Out

The system designed by our team is developed so that there is a transparent system for the stakeholders, no unapproved & unauthorised truck can enter the facility, etc.

To know more about how can your factory save up to million dollars annually with a tightened weighing operations, read more about Amity’s solution.

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