5 Weighbridge Malpractices Suppliers Should Focus On

At times, people in charge of supplying goods to various destinations resort to weighbridge cheating. We have listed five weighbridge malpractices common in the industry.

The weighing of transported goods and raw materials is a crucial step for any business. If they do not invest in weighbridge software, they risk corruption breaching their operations. However, the remedy for these issues is much simpler.

In this article, we will discuss numerous scenarios that people exploit to engage in weighbridge malpractices, and we will discuss weighbridge software as a solution.

The Common Methods of Weighbridge Cheating

Criminals use a variety of methods to commit fraud on the truck scale. And the methods used are predictable. Here are some of these methods:

Improper-Positioning: if a truck, improperly positioned, has been put on the weighbridge with another carrier to compensate for a loss of goods, then it will not produce an accurate reading on the database.

Disrupting the Load Cell Work: If there is an analog weighing system, then a truck driver can manipulate readings of a weighing scale. Moreover, an analog scale cannot determine whether the driver has put a heavy object with the materials to change the reading.

Additional Load: they are also used to manipulate the readings of a weighing system. These weights get added when the truck is on the scale and removed during loading and unloading.

Lost Burden: the truck driver from the supplier company may provide more goods than asked for and the buyer remains satisfied with the shipment, thus paying extra. However, the supplier company will lose profits over some time.

Doctoring Information: if the operator can change data by themselves, then the weighing system will always reflect incorrect data without anyone realizing it.


There are many ways to cheat an analog scale or even a digital scale. If your company wishes to boost profits by safeguarding its business, then knowing these scenarios will help decide why you should invest in this software. However, if you have weighbridge systems in place, your operations are in safe hands. Contact Amity Software to add to support to your complex industrial operations.

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