The insurance sector is going through a rapid transformation due to the emerging technologies that modernize the existing business processes. The world has entered the digital era and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and tools. Insurance processes include policy administration, underwriting, client-relationship, claims settlements, etc.

What is a claims management system?

Claims management refers to the entire process of identifying, resolving, and controlling demands by the customers or public entities. Insurance companies use claims management software to automate claims processing and overcome compliance issues.

Modernize the claims management with new technologies

If we talk about traditional methods claims processing was conducted by an insurance adjuster. The adjuster was responsible for reviewing multiple claims on a daily basis and manually flag claims that had not accurate information and documents supporting the request. They need to pick out the fraud claims among the plethora of claims requests.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Insurance Claims

As per a recent survey, nearly 5% of insurance organizations adopted RPA and AI. Almost 25% of insurance companies are implementing these tools and acknowledging significant growth. The adoption of new technologies is beneficial for the future. RPA is enhancing the claims practices and providing better results. Artificial intelligence also contributed to the rise in profits for the insurance sector. The insurance companies are able to analyze the data at extraordinary speeds, reduce the processing time.

Is modern technology for the insurance sector helpful for business growth?

Modern technologies are directly and indirectly contributing to the enhancement of customer service and business profit. Implementing AI to the insurance business expedites each stage of insurance management. Whether it claims handling or policy administration, digital insurance solutions are highly recommendable.

Amity Software eliminates the issues faced by insurers through the innovative insurance management system. Amity INSURE- general insurance management system and Amity ASSURE-life insurance management system are comprehensive solutions for the insurance business.




CMMI Level 5 custom software development company. A global leader in developing user-centric and mission-critical software solutions.

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Amity Software Systems Limited

Amity Software Systems Limited

CMMI Level 5 custom software development company. A global leader in developing user-centric and mission-critical software solutions.

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