The rise of automation and digitization

The answer is yes. The insurers are also getting as smart as the customers. Learning from the previous mistakes, the service providers started keeping the customers at the top of their priority. The insurance companies are adopting the change technology trends that are ruling the market.

Now, everything has become digital making it easier for the customers to request a claim, fill the proposal, or get an insurance quote. In order to receive positive feedback from customers, the companies need to focus on their demands and expectation. They must modify their processes accordingly.

How does digitization help the insurance sector?

The commencement of digitization has enhanced the process significantly. The insurance companies are digitizing the customer interactions and automating the insurance processes. Earlier, the processes were slow because the customers need to fill up the paper forms seeking the bulk of details. But now, everything has changed. The customers have to take out their smartphones, click some clear pictures as proof of the damage, attach them to the online form and submit the first notice of the damage/loss via email or text.

Automation and digitization proved to be a milestone in the development of the insurance business. The advancement of technology allowed insurance companies to click photos and videos through drones or satellites to boost and expedite the claims process. It will also enhance the customer experience. Sometimes, insurance companies face such situations where they need to process a large volume of claims originating from natural disasters with limited staff and given time constraints. It seems to be quite challenging for the insurers to take care of the customer’s satisfaction and resolve their queries on time.

The customer started expecting more

The companies cannot overlook that customers have become demanding and search for the best quality service at the lowest price. Yes, they indeed ignore the price variance when it comes to quality and customizability. Insurance companies need a fully automated insurance management system that enhances the customer experience. Digitization brought ease to use and simplicity that has diminished the gaps between the services and the customers as well as the customers and service providers.

Why do insurers struggle for providing a better customer experience?

Insurance providers jumped from that time when they were not considering the value of customer experience. The ignorance decreased customer retention as customer loyalty was severely affected by the negligence. The customers are the source of income for the insurance companies, and this is the reason they cannot ignore the significance of keeping their customers happy with the service.

Neglecting customer experience can drive the insurers away from the customers

Customer experience must be the top priority for any customer-centric business. The companies should follow the strategies that affect the customer’s behaviour and enhance their loyalty. The companies need to analyze the requirements and preferences of the customers before offering them the available options. A CRM tool is highly in demand, and the insurance companies who value their customers use the system. Usually, reliable insurance software includes a well-tested CRM tool to manage customer interaction, and customer feedback and enhance customer experience.


Insurance companies have entered an era where they have understood the significance of offering the best service to the customers. The customers are the king, and they have plenty of options available in front of them. They can easily drop one company and go to the other which is offering the better service. So, the insurers must change their approaches to gain the customer’s trust and provide them with a better experience ahead. Request a demo at




CMMI Level 5 custom software development company. A global leader in developing user-centric and mission-critical software solutions.

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Amity Software Systems Limited

CMMI Level 5 custom software development company. A global leader in developing user-centric and mission-critical software solutions.

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