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Dec 3, 2021

3 min read


The insurance sector is acknowledging a rapid technology change. Selling insurance has become more challenging for brokers and agents. Convincing the customers about the policies is a tough job, especially when they do not agree to the terms and conditions.

Insurance brokers need to keep themselves updated with the technology and use effective methods for selling insurance that can enhance the insurance sale. Here are a few tips that help insurance brokers to boost their insurance sales:

1. Maximize the customer experience:

As the technology is getting advanced and the evolution of the new technologies influenced the insurance sector, the customers are getting smarter. The demands are rising and the insurance companies are struggling to fulfill the customer’s requirements and provide a better customer experience.

2. Listen to your call voice:

Yes, the insurance brokers and agents need to be careful while interacting with the customers if they want to sell the insurance. Using a polite, formal, or professional tone will be highly appreciated by the customers.

3. Always believe in the product you are selling:

The insurance sellers need to believe in the products they are selling as they have to convince others that the policy is right for them. It is certain that if they are not self-convinced, they cannot assure others.

4. Make yourself more referable:

The majority of the generating leads tasks are performed within the company. Whether it is done through a sales representative, a marketing team member, or any other employee of the company, the lead generation work has its own value in the conversion of leads to sales. The sale depends on the authenticity of the leads as well as the ability of the salesperson.

5. Look for common ground:

In this era, customers have become intelligent and always chase perfection. They have their own needs and hence they look for the product that completely fits as per their requirements. In order to enhance the sales, the insurance agents need to trigger the common areas to influence the customers and compel them to buy insurance policies.

6. Use social media effectively:

Social media has become a great platform for the promotion of products and services. It helps to create awareness of the product among the people that further contribute to the development of interest in them. The insurance brokers should use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. to promote their products and increase sales.

7. Be a good listener:

Try to listen more and speak less; this habit will surely give better results to the insurance brokers. Simplifying the tasks can help the insurance sellers to save time and minimize the extra efforts. A fully-integrated insurance broker software can help the brokers to manage their tasks perfectly and enhance customer satisfaction.

8. Try to focus on the value rather than cost:

It is the time where customers are more focused on getting valuable service rather than getting cheaper service. Cost cannot replace the quality and hence the brokers need to provide them validation about their claim over the supremacy of policy. It will indeed boost the overall insurance sale.


Improve the insurance sales by using the smart tips as mentioned earlier. Using a comprehensive insurance broker system helps the insurance brokers to manage the regular operations smoothly. i-broker- insurance broker software by Amity Software facilitates the brokers to boost productivity and manage their tasks properly.