How To Improve Fleet Performance With Fleet Reporting?

Identifying vulnerable areas in your fleet’s daily operations is essential for cost-effectiveness. Here’s more on the subject.

has many benefits that can improve fleet performance, such as fuel consumption tracking, alerts configured to vehicle maintenance schedules, etc. With the such high volumes of data, it might not be the best idea to go around analyzing all of it.

So how can you expect to benefit from a fleet analysis report?

To use the information effectively, you need to pinpoint areas where your operation needs improvement. Here are fields you should consider:

  1. Procurement: it requires an in-depth evaluation of elements needed to run a successful fleet. This area is crucial to ensure the company has adequate resources, assets, and services.
  2. Maintenance: a well-run workshop is an essential part of providing direct control to fleet servicing and maintenance. By improving workshop productivity, you can introduce cost-effectiveness in your operation.
  3. Inventory: reduce inventory costs through better inventory planning as knowledge of stock usage, availability, and supplier pricing trends.
  4. Fuel: one can lower fuel costs by monitoring vehicle performance to reduce fuel consumption.
  5. Safety: improve safety and reduce risks with intelligent insights on driver behavior. and one of its benefits is ensuring driver safety.

And what areas can get addressed with fleet management reports?

The next step to efficiently utilizing data to bring about positive change to your fleet’s daily operations is to enable a means of fleet analysis reporting. offers fleet management reports for different areas of fleet analysis:

  1. Vehicle age and mileage based on type and cost center
  2. Compliance with maintenance regulations to ensure periodic fleet inspections
  3. Fuel consumption by vehicle, and total and current expenditure based on fuel variant
  4. Fleet management costs per mile for each vehicle, including workshop and technician expenses


Visibility into these allows you to drive up performance and enhance the efficiency of your fleet. However, without accurate and focused fleet reporting, it is challenging to maintain cost-effectiveness. If you are a transportation company that needs to enhance fleet efficiency, contact Amity Software.

We are a software development firm that believes in aiding your digital transformation process with robust implementation strategies. And we also provide fleet management software that offers comprehensive fleet reports to keep you up-to-speed with the various aspects of managing a fleet. Request a free demo!



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CMMI Level 5 custom software development company. A global leader in developing user-centric and mission-critical software solutions.