A policy management software executes insurance operations, including rating, binding, issuing, renewals, and endorsements. Usually, the systems are inflexible, non-customizable, and expensive.

Policy management is a significant part of the entire insurance management process. Some of the challenges of policy administration are:

1. Creating and revising the documents easily:

It is a matter of concern when we talk about creating and updating insurance policies. The insurers find it difficult to manage the development and regular updating of the policies. While creating the policy document, the employees get involved in lengthy procedures that snatch plenty of time. Performing the tasks manually is a time taking process; hence creation and revision of the policies is a challenging task for the employees.


· Using a common system to create, upload and save policies.

· Review and approval processes automation.

How can a policy management system help overcome the problem?

A trustworthy policy management system can create the policies from scratch using an automating tool for editing. The tool can be updated to the newest version easily and is highly configurable. Using reliable policy management software can save time that was previously utilized in searching policies as one can store the entire data in a single database.

2. Offer easy access to the revised policies to the employees:

It is one of the most common challenges that always come for insurance companies. They need to provide easy access to the updated policies to all the employees and ensure that employees understand them easily. Sending the policies over email will not be feasible as they cannot check whether the employees read or understood them.


· Store the policies and other significant documents online to ensure the employees can access them if needed.

· Provide employees with self-service access to eliminate the delay in the policy management tasks.

How can policy management software help overcome the problem?

A policy administration system consolidates policy and document storage in a centralized, searchable file library online. Employees get customized access to the storage location based on their department of operating. Using the software, they can be assured that the particular employee is able to see that part of data that is required of them. They can get mobile alerts and notifications that ensure they do not miss anything.

3. Provide appropriate training to the employees:

The companies need to focus on training the employees as it is significant for the employees to know the changes in the policies and how to follow them. Manual policy management methods are slow as compared to automated processes. The customers, as well as the insurers, can enjoy the feature of live tracking with an integrated insurance management system. Manual policy management makes tracking attestations.


· Employee training management

· Employee knowledge testing

· Enhance access to the relevant policies

How can a policy management system help overcome the problem?

Implementation of policy management software helps the insurance companies to overcome this problem by increasing the awareness of relevant policies with in-software training management and testing functionality. It helps the insurers to verify the employees’ knowledge of policy content.


In order to overcome the barriers or challenges faced by the insurance industry, a fully-automated policy management system will aid the employees in smoothly performing the regular tasks. Amity INSURE- a complete general insurance management software offered by Amity Software is the perfect solution for the earlier mentioned problems. It also takes care of policy renewals, lapses, cancellations, reinstatements, etc.

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