Role of Automated Truck Weighing Scale in Factories

Weighing scale and their use in the factories has been going on for decades. But with the change and evolution in the technology and IT solutions, the weighing process in the factories is also evolving.

lot of mills and factories use a smart weighing system and automatic weighing scale, there are still who stop themselves because of the high investment needed.

So, here is a quick overview of what is the role of the weighing scales in the factories and how can an automated truck weighing scale helps you to boost your business.

3 Roles of Weighing Scales

Below are the most important 3 roles of a weighing scale in a factory:

1. Validate Weight of Raw Material

One of the major areas where the factories lose their revenue is the weighing of the raw material that comes to the factory. In the absence of smart weighing software, there is manual supervision required. This leads to a probability of error or fraud.

Several reports show that a number of truck drivers deliver less than the required amount of the raw material but got full payment because they had an inside man approving their invoices.

2. Synchronise with Payment

The smart weighing system eliminates the possibility of fraud and errors. The system executes automatic functions and cannot be tampered with by anyone. The automatic weighing scale records the actual weight of the raw material and generates the payment receipt for the decided rate.

Even if someone wants to, they cannot make the system generate outcomes favourable to them.

3. Keep a Check on Exit

Another reason why the trucks are weighed at the factory is to make sure that all the raw material has been loaded off at the station. Many a time, there is some proportion of the load that is left behind while the payment is made for the whole delivery.

Automatic weighing software eliminates these probabilities.

Smart Weighing System by Amity Brings Transparency

We are a leader in smart card-based solutions and custom software development. Combining the expertise, we have developed a smart weighing software and hardware system that automates the weighing process at the factory’s entry and exit.

It is safe, tamper-free, and completely transparent.

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